Terms and conditions are set in place to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the cats and dogs and form part of your contract with us. Please take a few minutes to read them carefully and if you have any questions feel free to ask or email us and we will help in any way we can.


 We do require to keep and hold information about you and your pet/s whilst they are in our care. We are legally required to do so. We ask that the information is up to date and accurate for our records. Any changes in detail can be easily altered.




 Please be aware that it is your responsibility to make sure and check that vaccination certificates are up to date for the entire period of boarding as we will not accept if the vaccination cards are out of date or if we do not have proof. We do ask to see vaccination proof at every visit. We do ask that your pets have been treated for flea and worms a week or more prior to boarding with us.




 We do ask for new customers to complete the booking form details in full if possible. We do require an emergency contact person other than the owner, their address and email. The emergency contact must be willing to pick up the pet if requested.

We would ask that you tell us anything that we should be made aware of regarding your pets likes and dislikes. Some may be protective over certain items, or a cat may not like to be picked up so it is helpful for us to know prior.


  We do require to see a vaccination card for every visit. You can upload a copy when completing the booking form.




All dog/s must be inoculated against Distemper, Hepatitus, Leptospirosis and Parvovirus. We do ask for Kennel Cough which can be given at the same time as the boosters. We ask that the Kennel Cough is given a minimum of  three weeks prior to boarding due to being a live vaccine and can be carried and passed without any signs or symptoms. We will refuse a pet if they are not up to date  on the day of arrival and we would not offer a refund.




If a dog is required to have a re start in their vaccinations you would need to allow two weeks after the second vaccination before boarding your dog with us.




All cats must be inoculated against Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis . The vaccination card must be still in date on the departure date. Homeopathic vaccinations are not accepted.






We require any cats having a booster to have it administered at least two days prior to boarding.




If a cat is needing to restart their vaccinations we require that there is a minimum of a three week period prior to boarding commencing.




Please ensure that you cat/s or dog/s has been dewormed and deflead before their stay with us. Ideally not one or two days prior in case of any reactions. Should any pet show signs and need treatment for any external or internal parasites we will treat using a veterinary supplied product and we would add the cost to your final bill.




We can provide food within the boarding costs. We do provide several varieties of dried and wet foods but are unable to provide every brand so its best to let us know your pets dietary requirements and we can let you know if we have the particular brand. You are welcome to bring your own pets food with you. We do not provide a discount for own food being provided. Treats can be brought in for your pets, we do provide treats but feel free to let us know if your pet is unable to have treats. We do not accept raw hide chews or cooked bones as they may splinter or cause a blockage.


We do need to be aware if your pets are fine to be fed together or if you would wish for them to eat separately. We will not be responsible in the situation of two or more dogs fighting over food when informed that they are fine to share and eat within the same area as each other.


 If your pet appears unwell during their stay or that we suspect an illness, Ferry Farm have the right to contact a veterinary Practice and make an appointment for the pet to be checked and treated if required. Medication and treatment for the pet will be provided. The full amount for the consultation, treatment and any medication must be paid by the owner of the pet/s on collection. You agree to allow Ferry Farm Management to sign in your absence for any emergency treatment if required whilst your pet/s are in our care. You will be required to allow us to contact your vet if any information is needed. You agree that Ferry farm is not liable for loss or illness.




Our designated veterinary practice is Kings Road Practice, Southwick, Sunderland. We would try to go to the pet/s normal veterinary surgeon wherever possible but would use kings Road if unable to or not practical to do so. The emergency contact person will be contacted prior if at all possible or as soon as able to do so. An emergency contact person must be willing to collect the pet/s if we require them to do so. This would also apply in an emergency situation.




We can provide medication for your pet. We require that you inform us to discuss prior to boarding and we can plan together what is the best way to administer the medication. Some pets have certain preferences so it would be a great help to know in advance. You will be required to complete a medication consent form on arrival to provide written instruction on the dosage, how often, how to administer and the medication / treatment to be provided.


We would ask that extra medication is provided in case there are any delays in your travel plans. We ask that you label the medication in your name as well as your pets name. Whilst every care and attention will be given when providing medication Ferry Farm will not be held responsible for any failures.




We are only allowed to accept pets from the same household to share a kennel or chalet. We do ask for permission to separate any pets that are boarded together if we feel that there are causes for concern or stress. Any injury caused in a multi pet accommodation would need to be paid by the owner and cost added to the final bill. We would ask for you to remove any collars for safety reasons.




Dogs must be brought in by use of a secure lead and cats must be brought  in a secure cat carrier. No responsibility will be taken until the pets are in their chalet or kennel.




We ask you to inform us if your pet/s are allowed treats, please let us know if you would prefer not to.




We do walk dog/s off site. Please inform us if you do not wish for your dog/s to be walked off site.


We do provide beds, bedding, food and water bowls for the pets. We provide cat trees, a chair and toys for the cats. You are welcome to bring their own beds and blankets if you would prefer . You are welcome to bring a crate if you would like to. You are welcome to bring any toys but we do not take any responsibility for any damage, loss or injury.

We do not take responsibility for any damaged or lost items brought in. We do not accept beds that we are unable to place in the washing machine.


Please let us know if your pets have attendance to chew for their own safety.


 Please let us know when boarding a cat if they are used to a cat flap as we can adjust for any cats that are not.




We do provide off lead secure exercise for the dog/s to allow them to play and burn off some energy. We individually exercise dogs in the paddock unless they are from the same household unit. Please inform us if you do not wish for the paddock to be used for your dog/s. Ferry Farm will not be liable for any injury caused whilst using the secure paddock / offlead area.




We charge by the daily rate. We accept guests between 11 am and 4 pm for boarding pets. In quite periods we may be able to adjust the times but this would need to be discussed prior to booking. On the day of departure if you come to collect your pet prior to 9.30 am there would be no charge for that day. If you collect after 9.30 an you would be charged for that day.




Deposits, payments and cancellations.




We require any cancellations are made by email or in writing. We require a 30 day period of notice to cancel a booking. We require a £100 deposit or the full amount if less then. We will be happy to transfer the deposit minus an admin fee of £20 to another booking when given a 30 day period of notice. If a cancellation is made less than 30 days the deposit will be lost and non transferable. We do not provide refunds.

We would require the remainder of the cost for your pets stay to be paid 30 days prior to your pets starting date of boarding.

A two day minimum fee applies to all bookings.


GDPR is available and  shown on a  separate  page to view.


By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contract you accept to abide by the terms on every visit.




We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.