We are following the latest government advice and have implemented additional safety measures and procedures to follow to help prevent the spread of the virus and keep everyone in a safer environment. We have completed a risk assessment and will follow guidelines.
We are looking forward to having our guests back again as we have really missed them.
Bookings can be made via mobile 07584319608  0191 5348053 or email
We do require an appointment or arrange a time for any pets coming in to board as well as for collecting pets
We would prefer if possible for proof of vaccinations to be emailed to us prior to boarding.
Please do not bring your pets toys, bedding and bowls as we will provide them all for you, You can bring food and any medication if required.
We must be provided with an emergency contact person and contact details for someone else to collect your pet in the case that you are unable to do so yourself.
ON ARRIVAL (dogs)    If you can arrive at the time arranged and wait for a member of the team to come or you can call 07584319608
We will ask for dogs to be put on a lead and we will ask you to take your dog/s to the handover kennel, we will open the gates and allow you to place the dog in the kennel  at a safe distance of two metres and remove your dogs lead and take it back with you. We will then use one of our leads to take the dog/s to the unit in which they will be boarding, you are welcome to see the unit that they will be staying in from the outside if you wish.
If you have any food or medication we will discuss on booking any details required. We will take the food and medication to the kitchen and medication cabinet.
ON ARRIVAL  (cats)  Arrive at the time arranged and wait for a team member or call 07584319608
We will ask for you to carry your cat in the carrier to the cattery and place him/her in the entrance of the cattery and we will take your cat to their chalet for boarding. You can view the chalet from the outside of the cattery if you wish.
If you have any food or medication we will place it in the cattery kitchen and will discuss any requirements on booking in.
We will ask for you to let us know a time that you will be arriving, if you are collecting your cat we will bring the cat to you in his/her carrier
If you are collecting your dog/s we will take your dog to the transfer kennel ready for you and ask you to bring their lead. We will open the gate and allow you to put the lead on your dog and take him/her to your car. We will return any food and medication to you.
We will ask for full payment to be made prior to boarding. You can call and pay over the phone with our card machine or we can give you the details to pay online
We will be charging for the day the pet comes in and the day the pet goes out regardless of what time the pets are collected as we will be increasing the biosecurity in the workplace and to allow units to be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and to allow  an extra extended time between guests.
Your pets will enjoy their stay with us as normal and will receive the best care as well as plenty interaction time, walks play and cuddles.
Please call us if you have any questions.