Ferry Farm have been awarded a Five star ***** license by Sunderland City Council for our Dog and Cat boarding  facilities and Doggy Day care We are situated within Sunderland with close access to the A19 and metro at South Hylton.

 Ferry Farm Boarding Kennels, Cattery and Doggy Day Care is a family-run  business built on our reputation. We offer a personal and friendly service providing day care, short and long-term  cat & dog boarding at affordable prices. We also offer to collect and drop off pets if required. We are located in a peaceful countryside location in Sunderland, surrounded by open fields and woodlands. We take pride in our service and treat all pets as if they were our own. We will always provide the best level of service in caring for all of your pets needs.



Short and long-term cat and dog boarding available. Doggy Day Care.

At Ferry Farm Boarding Kennels and Cattery , we aim to ensure that all pets are very happy and remain in good condition throughout their stay. We also strive to make sure that your pets feel at home and are unstressed, and that they receive the care and attention they need. You will be able to relax and enjoy your break or holiday, safe in the knowledge that your pet is in good hands until your return.

How to reach us
The post code for our premises does not work using satellite navigation as it guides you the wrong way. You can use the area code SR4 0NA, which is the destination of Fairmead Way, South Hylton, which is just near to us and then follow the directions (go to the end of road and turn left up the track, go through the tunnel and again turn left, travel 50 metres past the house and you then reach  the second gate .Ferry Farm Boarding Kennels).
What we do

Our Services

Specialist care

We can provide your pet with specialist care at no extra cost. Based on your instructions, we can provide them with special diets or any medication that they may need. Exercises for your pets can be tailored to their needs, whether it be additional walks or an off lead run and play in our enclosed paddock area.

Appointment only 

kennels & cattery

We have two blocks of kennels and a cattery, both of recent construction, which have controlled heating systems to suit your pet’s needs. All kennels and the cattery are ventilated and insulated and heated allowing for warmth in the colder winter months and also keeping your pets cool during the summer. All kennel and cattery units are large and suitable for your pets to share  if required. The kennels and cattery also have covered runs and have a view of outside.

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.Being a small family-run business, your pets get used to the familiar faces and are exercised and fed by the same people. Meals are provided at the same time to keep a routine and to not unsettle your pets.
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Looking for a cattery or boarding kennels  in Sunderland? Get in touch with us on 
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